The National program focus is Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Service [LETS].   LETS programs allow you an opportunity to further discover our communities by reaching out to women in all aspects of their careers. Additionally, Clubs identify local needs and implement LETS projects to address the issues in their communities.


  • LEADERSHIP Training for business and professional women preparing them for leadership positions in their careers.

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurial training is for women interested in starting a business, improving business skills and/or expanding an existing business by increasing their business expertise.

  • TECHNOLOGY Training for women interested in obtaining or improving technology skills or seeking certification for a technology related business.

  • SERVICE Providing information through programs and initiatives in health, education, employment and economic development that inform, enlighten and strengthen our communities




Clubs are required to celebrate Founders’ Day annually to recognize the shoulders on which we stand and the role and responsibility we have to prepare our young people for the future. This observance is the occasion to present the Sojourner Truth award to an outstanding African American woman. This is the highest award given by the Association and presented by a local club. The award was established in 1948.




In 1996, the Convention adopted the Women’s History program as the nationally recognized program selecting the theme “Women’s History is Our History Too!” The first Saturday in March is designated as NANBPWC, Inc. Women’s History Day. The purpose is to focus on the many contributions made by African American women who have and are instrumental in advancing education, business, professions, technology, family, and community.




The vocal arts competition was first introduced in 1983 as the Leontyne Price Vocal Arts Competition. The 2001 Convention changed the name to the Vocal Arts Competition for Emerging Artist upon joining the National Opera Association to offer additional benefits to the contestants. The competition is designed to recognize promising young Black classical vocalist by providing a performance venue and scholarships. The competition begins on the local level, the first place district winner competes at the National Convention.




We have a strong commitment to working with other organizations dedicated to improving our communities. Our focus is to develop opportunities to maximize efforts, leverage resources, and jointly promote community empowerment and self-sufficiency. Through our “Stand Up! Speak Out!” program we provide information and take action on legislative issues. Our Training Directory is a resource for working with institutions of higher learning and our Networking Directory provides a listing of organizations we have worked with in our project implementation. We welcome every collaborative and networking opportunity.




The International Affairs Division's (IAD) primary endeavor is to foster an appreciation among our constituents of the need for international collaboration, cooperation and understanding.  The IAD serves to develop effective programs for women and children globally, using International HEED (Health-Employment-Education-Economic Development) as a model for income generating projects, communicating the effects of diet and clean water on health, and promoting economic development through education. These programs support grassroots women's groups by empowering women to identify and implement solutions to the problems in their communities, to share skills and expertise in health, education, and economic development.  Our accomplishments have included:


  1. "Vision for Africa," - a collection of over 2,000 prescription eyeglasses were distributed throughout various countries around the world;

  2. A food project, “Rice for Motherland”, with an emphasis on African countries such as Togo, Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Lesotho, South Africa, Zambia; and, the Caribbean; and,

  3. The adoption of African villages in Ghana.

  4. Implemented projects included the following: the building of a school, toilets and a clinic, and the establishment of water wells which provides clean water for drinking and cooking.


In concert with general membership support, IAD provides ongoing resources which include medical supplies, boats, clothing and food, educational sponsorship for students’ tuition, books and uniforms. Additionally, IAD donates sewing machines and school supplies to South Africa; oxen and clothing to Ethiopia.  


The NANBPWC, Inc. is proud of our 30 year affiliation with the UN as a recognized Non-Government Organization (NGO).  Each year we convene at the United Nations on Columbus Day to celebrate our commitment to strengthening our global and local linkages.  This celebration includes a UN Briefing on the Status of Women and an Awards Luncheon which recognizes and honors outstanding leaders and local citizens who have addressed global concerns. The major goals of the International Affairs Divisions are: to strengthen global and local linkages between African and American women; to empower Black women to begin small-scale enterprises; to demonstrate, through simultaneous success stories, the need for American women to support US international cooperation, policy and programs; and, to promote the development of education opportunities so that African American women can further their understanding of African micro enterprises development and its relationship toward self-reliance. Please Join Us!

"And ain't I a Woman"

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