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Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Service

Since 1964, the Central Jersey Club of the NANBPWC, Inc. has been involved in grassroots programs and projects directly impacting the children, adults, and seniors in our local communities.  Many of the club's programs are geared towards the educational development of youth, and include scholarships, tutoring, communication skills enhancement, cultural enrichment, academic improvement, and career development. 

From the beginning, the women of the Central Jersey Club of NANBPWC, Inc. effectively and industriously carried forth the mandates of the National Program – educational assistance; youth leadership development; recognition of services granted to others beyond the call of duty; involvement in the community; promotion of job opportunities for all; and racial, cultural, political, and social awareness.

The National Program focus is Leadership, Entrepreneurship,  Technology, and Service (L.E.TS.).  L.E.T.S. programs allows us an opportunity to further discover our communities by reaching out to women in all aspects of their careers. 


Education & Outreach

The club has implemented an array of activities including afterschool tutoring, adopting schools and mentoring. 


Educational programs that the club has proudly implemented include: an ongoing affiliation with Sisters Academy of Asbury Park, networking with other community organizations like Neptune Chapter of New Jersey Orators, Financial Wellness Workshops, Childhood Obesity Program & Youth Forums on Safe Encounters with Law Enforcement. 


Community Development

Community Development is a key area of focus. The club has been involved in many programs and projects directly impacting our local communities. We have a strong commitment to working with other organizations dedicated to improving our communities. Our focus is to develop opportunities to maximize efforts, leverage resources, and jointly promote community empowerment and self-sufficiency. 

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Leadership & Development

The Central Jersey Club of NANBPWC, Inc. offers training for business and professional women preparing them for leadership positions in their careers and their communities. Our national directive encourages participation in activities that enhance quality leadership development through internal leadership academies and workshops, mentoring, and opportunities to assist in the preparation of our youth for future leadership positions.

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